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DataPaper is a DataSource used by DataConf to link external resources to those defined in a conference dataset.

This website provides a means for conference participants to add, modifiy or delete such links. The targeted resources in the datasets are named “entities” and include publications (swrc:InProceedings), people (foaf:person) and conference events (swc:AcademicEvent). Enriching events is restricted to conference chair users.

Linking an external resource R to a conference entity E consists in:

  • choosing the entity E to link R with
  • providing a dereferenceable URI for R (not necessarily according to an HTTP* protocol)
  • providing a textual description to label R
  • providing a textual description of R’s media type (eg. HTML, PDF, Phone…)

For this, Conference participants must first register using the same email address as the one refered in their papers. They will receive an email with their credentials and be able to access the entities they are responsible of (their own account and publications).

Once logged in, click on the “DataPaper” menu item to enrich your entities.

Don’t hesitate to try it and view the results in DataConf!

This website is part of the Logo_DataConf_ico DataConf project

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User management

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User roles

DataPaper has 3 user roles:

Administrator: native type
Conference chair: restricted administrators for a specific conference
Author: referred person in a conference dataset

Adding extra users

If you did not succeed in having your account created automatically, conference chairs can create accounts and relate them to conference entities. For this, please contact the chair corresponding to your conference.

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